Gear Box Adapters

"Talked to a lot of transmission shops about my speedo gear problem... [Speedometer Cables USA were] the only ones with the answer... would recommend to anybody... THANKS!!!"

SPEEDOMETER GEARING ADAPTERS Come in many shapes (Straight, Offset, Right Angle and Dual Drive). Applications for Light Duty vehicles as well as Heavy Duty, OTR and Industrial Vehicles. If you want the correct OEM replacement or if you need to install one to correct for tire size, axle ratio or transmission change we are your source.

They are designed to screw directly to the Transmission, if for some reason that is not possible, we can modify your Cable and Housing or build you a new one, so the Adapter will fit Inline.

See our WHAT GEAR DO I NEED? page to help determine what you need. Or just give us a call and we can walk you through it.

There are 250 different ratios available (see chart), so getting what you need is as easy as a phone call or sending an email

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303-629-6958 local