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Deluxe Speedometer Service is a 3rd generation Colorado owned company. We have been rebuilding Speedometers and Tachometers and Supplying Speedometer / Tachometer Cable and Housings as well as Gearing Adapters to the Automotive Industry since 1932. We have parts books and repair manuals dating back to the Model A. We are happy to help you with your Domestic and Imported vehicles. If we do not have the Specifications for your Speedometer Cable and Housing or Gearing Adapter, we can duplicate it by using your old sample or by asking you a few questions. Our 85+ years of experience can be trusted in getting you the correct Speedometer related product for your vehicle.


Please note that the pictures shown on these pages are just a few of the thousands of parts numbers available, any product you purchase may or may not look the same.

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"The cable worked out perfect. You are surely an artist. Thanks a million."

"Very nice guys, very knowledgeable, got work done surprisingly quickly."